Monday, May 13, 2019

Moving web presence again, Again!

Once again... Having to change my website.

I had so much content on my site that upgrading was not possible.
I was using Wordpress 5.2 and Dynamix Theme 5.3 with PHP 5.6.40.
Hosted at 1AND1 / IONOS since 2011, I had been a customer since 2003 I believe.
I don't think they were interested in a loyal customer. in fact they were sending out lots of emails trying to scare me into purchasing virus protection, and putting my CGI & PHP scripts into some fake /.quarintine/ folder and sending me notifications I needed virus protection. Pathetic! And trying to sell me some webpage builder software, Really? come on, have you looked into my directories.

They started charging me for PHP 5 support, and raising prices on hosting quite frequently.
My sites would not run on PHP 7 so I downloaded all my databases and setup everything on a local webserver using Apache 2.4, PHP 5.6.40. I have all the sites working correctly for archiving purposes until I find a suitable web host, or I will go back to hosting it myself.

As of now I have transferred all my domains to Google Domains for 1/3 lower cost with many more features then 1AND1 IONOS.

For now I am using Blogger with Google domains until I figure out what to do.
I apologize for the 12+ years of images posted on forums, support sites, and all over the internet that will no longer load due to these circumstances.

I tried to update my Wordpress theme Dynamix, but it requires a complete rewrite of the databases.
I will continue to try and import the old settings to the new version of Dynamix 7.4, but have already spent 5 days dealing with all this. It seems that ACODA have re-written the Theme so my settings are not importing correctly. Menus are not working, errors everywhere.

This is why I avoided Wordpress for so many years, and just wrote my own scripts and pages.
this will be the second time I have to upgrade my entire installation, I was successful the first time, but I doesn't look promising this time around.

Again, I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If anything I will try to keep it as an archived site if possible.

The world is just updating much to fast these days, slow down...